Games & Sports

Sports and games give great lessons in time management and promotes a spirit of healthy competition. Students learn to respect authority and rules. Sports increases self-esteem, mental alertness and reduces stress, anxiety of the students.


Literature improves communication skills. The easiest way to improve vocabulary, writing and speaking skills is to study literature.

It helps students to appreciate their own cultural heritage, develop emotional intelligence and creativity. It also nurtures growth and development of the students.

Ethics Club

It is to our country’s advantage that with our ancient heritage and civilization, well known for its rich spirituality and deeply ingrained moral values, India can achieve the number one position among the nations, in the field of ‘Morality & Ethics’- values which play a profound role in the harmonious growth, prosperity & unity of a nation in the ever expanding horizon of space and time. With this background, Ethics Club was created in RSP, as per CVO guidelines, in the year 2011.

Young students imbibe ethical and moral values as a natural way of life guided by their mentors/ teachers who organize various activities of interest for the youngsters & guide them constantly. These young students in turn become the crusaders for rekindling ethical and moral values in the society, nation and world.

Motto of Ethics club of Ispat English Medium School

To be ethical in thought, word & action each time &every time.

Structure of Ethics Club


Magazines offer the feeling of holding something in your hand and reading it. Magazines help in encouraging students to think and write. It improves their writing skill and strengthen their imagination and power of thinking. Magazines are wonderful supplements to classroom instructions. Students are exposed to a wide variety of texts and lots of interactive contents from stories, poems and action rhymes to non-fiction, crafts, puzzles and games.1st edition of the School Magazine Spectrum was published on 2003

The School Magazine contains articles, poems and stories in Hindi, English &  Odia  languages.

Celebration of Special days

Festivals help us to keep connection with our roots, culture, origin and preserve it. They relieve us from monotony of life. They teach us to forget enmity and embrace one another and create a bond of love and cultural harmony.

India is a multicultural and diverse country. The celebration of special days promotes diverse culture of our country. These instill National Integrity and patriotism in the heart of the students. These celebration revive the spiritual values and deep rooted sentiments of the students. Celebration on special day in school develops unity and brotherhood among the students.

School celebrates special days like Independence day , Republic day, Gandhi Jayanti, Teachers’Day, Children’s Day, Ganesh Puja, Saraswati Puja, Environment Day  etc.

Science Exhibition

Science exhibitions at school develop a scientific spirit and curiosity  among students which in turn forces them to think and creatively find solutions to the challenges. Students enjoy learning through such exhibition and feel a sense of belongingness as they make the models with their own hands.

The main objectives of organizing Science exhibitions are promoting interest in Science and Technology among younger generation. encouraging scientific and technological creativity among students and inculcating a sense of pride in their talent.

Art and Craft Exhibition

Art and craft enhances the creativity of children. They also help in improvement of fine motor skills and imagination of students. They also encourage innovation and intellectual development. Both sides of the brain of children are stimulated which increases the capacity of memory, attention and concentration. Art enhances the self-expression of a child and brings out the hidden talent to forefront, thus instilling self-esteem. Crafts also develop innovativeness of children to re-use and re-cycle waste products.



Yoga improves memory and attention. Yoga helps in developing flexibility, posture and balance the body. It corrects the breathing habits. It boost metabolism , build muscles strength.


A garden can be an interactive play ground for students, where they can feel the fruits of their labour.  Here they can appreciate themselves by seeing the bright coloured flowers, which helps them to get accustomed to natural scents. They learn the cause and effect of nature. They increase their love for nature. They can develop mathematical skills by counting days, measuring nutrition, light exposures and many more. Gardening improves caring attitudes. It increases responsibility of taking care of a plant day after day.


Band Troupe

School has it’s own band troop of girls and boys. During annual sports and on special school occasions, school band is used. It helps in increasing team spirit, patriotism, synergy and rhythm in students.