New Admissions are made, subject to availability of seats at the beginning of academic year on the basis of random selection process.

  • Application for a Transfer Certificate(T.C.) should be made one week in advance of the withdrawal of a student. Fees will be charged up to the end of the month in which T.C. is issued.
  • Transfer Certificate will be issued only after Clearance Certificate is obtained from different units of school.
  • No duplicate T.C. is issued. However, under special circumstances a duplicate T.C. may be issued in accordance with the rules of State Government.
  • Every Student has to pay tuition fee except SC/ST students who produce authentic certificate.
  • Fees without fine shall be deposited yearly in the school account by parents/students in the month of March through e-payment.
  • The names of those who do not pay their tuition fee latest by the last working day of the month will be struck off from the rolls without any intimation. They may be re-admitted only on payment of all the dues and re-admission fee equivalent to the multiple of one month’s tuition fee as per the number of default months.
  • Any examinee detected in giving or obtaining or attempting to give or obtain, unfair assistance or found indulging in any dishonesty will be expelled from the examination hall/room and his/her case will be referred to the examination committee for final decision.
  • Students detected in approaching directly or indirectly to any member of the staff with the object of influencing him/her regarding their marks in the examination, shall have their results in the examination cancelled.
  • No pupil shall remain absent without prior permission. In case of sudden illness, where it is not possible to take prior leave permission, application for leave shall be sent to the Principal on the first day of absence, failing which, leave may not be GRANTED.
  • Student failing to put in 75% attendance, may not be considered for promotion to appear ICSE/ISC Exam.

Appearing of Half -yearly & Annual Examination is compulsory for promotion to next higher class.